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It's just normal oatmeal. They are good, ideal for porridge but again, don't expect any miracle. I have nothing to complain about because they tasted good, but they are still just oatmeal, which you can normally buy in the store :)

Best cereal I've ever had. They make the porridge fluffy as a puff!

Super flakes, I use mainly for baking/cooking, exceptionally for porridge, in which they are also delicious! :)

The best flakes!! Who has not tried, does not know what he is missing. Amazing taste and consistency of porridge!

The best oatmeal. And most importantly, quickly ready!

Minute flakes from Aktin are finely ground, so just pour boiling water over them and you have breakfast on the table in a minute. They must never run out!

This doesn't even need a comment..there is no better oatmeal! And I stand by that! DAD. They make the best porridge, mugcake and my bundt cake❤️ Ordering just 500g doesn't make sense, get a bigger pack now! The box is a bit cumbersome, but I always transfer them to my bowl so I don't have a problem with it :)

For me TOP!

The original packaging was better, this one is hard to store after opening and the flakes need to be moved elsewhere. The flakes as such are unbeatable! :)

Best Flakes. I recommend pouring only hot water over them. They will make a mushy consistency 🤩.