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OMG, so this is a top ceiling contraption!! I was a little worried at first, a salty bar? But it's SOOOO GREAT! For hiking, on the water, in the mountains, at work, anywhere! It's filling and has a great formula! I RECOMMEND IT WITH ALL TEN!

The Beef Bar was really good. It's quite soft, melts on the tongue and the taste is also very well done! If you ever want a quick snack in salty form, you can definitely reach for this one!

Taste delicious. As a non-sweet snack and round perfect. Personally, I would have liked a few extra seeds in the ingredients (sunflower, pumpkin, ...)

Very good! Strong beef flavour similar to jerky, mellowed by nuts and plums. I would have welcomed a version with a higher meat ratio and a lower proportion of cashews. Great for people who aren't so much into sweet bars and snacks.

M I L U J E M! Wonderful taste of meat. Excellent as a nutritious snack. I would also take the 100% BEEF version <3

Something new, something new and something damn good! The combination of meat, nuts and fruit is a perfect idea and we actually get it on our plates quite often in the kitchen ! For me and my family definitely yes taste and ingredients 1* ! On the go to taste !

Well, I was pleasantly surprised by that. I had to try it right away. I was intrigued by the prunes in the ingredients and it's very good. I personally like it better than the jerky itself, which I've tried before under the brand name Aktin. I will definitely buy again.

Dononality! It just might be more affordable, because it makes you want to do it all the time :D

It tastes perfect, but for 65Kč the bar could be at least bigger than 50g. It's really expensive.

I was really looking forward to this, but unfortunately I didn't like it as much as I could and after one bite it went in the trash :(