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Chips a little differently

Chips are a popular (un)healthy snack that we most often indulge in while watching TV or meeting friends. Although the classic potato chips have not yet been replaced by more interesting alternatives in terms of taste and nutrition.

Vegetable and pulses chips in particular are on the rise, and their production is very different from potato chips. Vegetable chips are made directly from vegetable chips or from a mixture with potato flakes. Pulses chips usually contain a high percentage of legume flour - pea, lentil or chickpea flour.

Vegetables and pulses may sound healthier, but with any chips you need to watch the method of preparation - baked chips are usually better than fried ones - and also the actual composition - carbohydrates and fats should be balanced by fibre and protein content. The high protein content (up to 50%) is contained in the so‑called 'protein chips'. Protein chipswhich serve anyone who wants to supplement their daily protein intake and have a snack at the same time.

Another alternative is coconut chipswhich are made by drying and then baking the coconut pulp. Coconut chips can be crunchy just like that, but they are also great as a garnish or to liven up a meal - they are great in salads, porridges or desserts.

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