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From the first bite she flew up the list of favorites. Yummy. I recommend putting it in the microwave for 10-15s and a delicious dessert for coffee is in the world.

The combination of dark chocolate, caramel and salty bits is TOP. You bite into it and the caramel melts everywhere.

When the Aktin came out with the chocolate cup I was so excited because who doesn't love reeses, right :)))) unfortunately it disappointed me, the chocolate was stiff and it wasn't really edible. Then I didn't order it for over a year, but finally I didn't give in and decided to give it a second chance... And???? detailed in the post on ig, but briefly? WORTH IT! All three flavors! This is not to be missed in your cart! Each flavor has something to it, pb is a great classic, cashew with caramel makes me love the caramel and miso/salted caramel? I love salty sweet combinations! I like how Aktin keeps improving their products, so I recommend it - if you didn't like something a year ago, give it a second chance.

100% better than resses!🌞

3 weeks ago I wrote a negative review about a bad batch of peanut butter cupcake,after contacting support who was very nice and helpful by the way I was sent a new batch which was already ok.As a bonus I got two more flavours and I have to say that the flavour kesu and caramel was absolutely delicious. Thank you

Very good, not like a classic reese's, but I liked it better. There's lots of delicious dark chocolate, and the filling is fine too, although it's a bit dry in consistency and you can't really taste the peanuts.

Perfection! I was a little worried about the miso/salted caramel flavour, but it's amazing. The combination of very dark chocolate and beautifully flowing caramel is a delight.

Miso/salted caramel is probably the best for me, with cashews in second place and peanuts in last place. But one should definitely not expect it to taste like an over-sweetened (but still good) Reese's. The only thing that bothers me about miso is that it can't be eaten more than once because of the liquid consistency of the filling, but as far as taste goes, it's not bad.

This?! It totally reminds me of Mozart's balls, but with caramel inside :D Anyway, this is really unreal heaven in my mouth, so I recommend to try it. Compared to the other sweets, a much better option :)

Quality chocolate combined with quality peanut butter in one chocolate bar 👌🏻 I was more interested in the peanut butter one and I expected my favourite to be the caramel one. But both are delicious.