Cooking spray oils

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Why use spray oils?

Just like the classic ones, cooking oils in spray are perfect for baking, cooking and can also be used in the cold kitchen if you just want to "drizzle" something. The spray allows the oil to be applied evenly, which is particularly useful for uneven surfaces, such as greasing a muffin tin.

The biggest advantage, however, is the easier and more precise dosage, which is especially appreciated by those who count every calorie. A teaspoon, which is the commonly used unit of measurement, holds approximately 5 g of oil, whereas a single squeeze of the oil spray applies less than 2 g, and evenly.

Which oil to choose?

When choosing a spray oil, the main focus should be on its quality, which can be easily assessed by looking at the composition of the product - ideally it should not contain any impurities. The use of the oil is an equally important criterion. Each oil has a different so‑called smoke point, i.e. the point at which the oil starts to burn and is not suitable for consumption:

avocado oil270 °C
rapeseed oil240 °C
Olive oil210 °C
coconut oil200 °C
sunflower oil110 °C

It is clear from the table that avocado or rapeseed oil are the best companions for a warm kitchen. Although it may come as a surprise to some, the absolutely unsuitable oil in this respect is sunflower oil. Although olive oil is suitable for heat treatment, extra virgin oil, which is cold‑pressed to preserve the health benefits, is degraded during heat treatment and the proportion of beneficial substances is reduced. We have covered this comprehensively in our article on vegetable oils.

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