12 Ratings

Light and comfortable sweatshirt suitable not only for exercise, but actually for anything...I wear it to school and to the gym...of course I wash it in the meantime :D

Great material, colour and cut. Suitable for both normal wear and exercise!

Comfortable stylish crop sweatshirt in light beige color won me over. It's already my favourite, both at home and on the way to the gym.

The softest sweatshirt that goes with everything. It has a great cut and looks really good on the figure!

Fits great✨

Awesomely comfortable 😍😍

The material is really great! It's really smooth and nice on the surface. The cut is really great. Wide sleeves, slightly dropped shoulders. The wrist cuffs hold well when the sleeves are rolled up. I have bigger boobs, so the sweatshirt is a little short on me in the front. But it looks good! I still don't feel like working out in just a sports bra. So I'm gonna go a little out of my comfort zone with the "revealing" and maybe one day... :P

11/10, really! Crops are really nice material, they are loose and they are a real pleasure to wear. I personally have both versions at home and I really wear them almost every day! (the exception is when they get washed, hehe) :D