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Super thing

For me, a great thing for baking and sweetening food. It has no chemical taste or aftertaste so you don't have to worry. This is the second time I've ordered it and it definitely won't be the last.

Natural sweetener that has 0 calories 👌 If you want to lose weight, this will not go to waste at home

I use this to sweeten almost everything at home. It has no aftertaste at all and unlike xylitol in larger quantities, it does not cause digestive problems. It sweetens less than sugar, so you need to tweak the ratio, but for me, this really is a household necessity!

Must have in every household🙏🏼 I don't sweeten much, usually protein or banana is enough, but when I do, this erythritol is a hit :)

Erythritol is a great substitute for regular sugar. It tastes exactly the same, but has no calories as it is indigestible to the body, so they just get away with it. It is also not harmful to the microbiome.

An amazing sweetener that I use mainly for baking.

And what do I sweeten my recipes with?The simple answer, this calorie-free sweetener! Erythritol is natural, therefore a great alternative to white sugar! You won't know the difference in your recipes!

Probably my favorite sweetener. It lasts a long time and just a little goes a long way and it tastes better right away. Plus, it has fewer calories.

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