298 Ratings

excellent, just too dry for my taste. I've had better ones

I loved it. Delicious. I will order again.

The best!!!

In a word, I LOVE it. The best peanut butter flavored protein bar

Youngest member of Aktin/Vilgain family and he really has something to boast about! If, like me, you've been thinking that the sticky over-sweetened flapjack isn't for you and don't understand what others see in it, this will change your perspective on flapjacks. Just a sweet, soft, flavor reminiscent of a flapjack with lots of nuts inside giving it a texture that melts on the tongue...need we hear more?

This new one from Vilgain is great.I rank them among my favorite bars as a great tip for takeaway snacks or as a snack to take home.

The best flapjacks on the market - soft, quality ingredients, 250 kcal per bar. I have at least one in every handbag.

Thanks to my roommate, I started eating flapjacks. AND THESE ARE REALLY PERFECT. I didn't expect them to be so different! I was skeptical about the pear/honey flavor, but it is GREAT! I really can't pick a favorite flavor here with these flapjacks. You have to taste all 4!

I had it as a free gift with my order and I have to say that it was a hit for me!:-) No aftertaste like other "flapjacks". When I order again, I will definitely throw in more than one:-)

Very good, a little dry but crushed into porridge is bombastic