Our history


Our first store on Veveří Street from the inside...
... and from the outside.

Aktin founders Michal Hubík and Jan Kern met in 2010 for the first time in a small sports equipment store run by Jan. Apart from the store, Jan operated a small online store.

Michal was attracted to the store by unusually cheap protein bars. Even though he soon found out that best before date of protein bars had expired, he did buy some and began to talk to Jan. They soon become acquainted and Michal began to work on graphic design and other processes.

A journal was created

The first version of aktin.cz website

As we kept receiving the same questions on products and nutrition in general, and there was no reliable source of information in Czech, we decided to establish Aktin magazine. The main intention was to disprove myths about nutrition, supplements and workout. Jan Caha, who was helping us in the store, became an author.


Online store was created

Online store in 2011

Michal saw the problem of sports nutrition market - it was difficult to distinguish quality among the wide range of products, with many products containing unnecessary ingredients. Online magazine was no longer enough and a company Selltime s.r.o. was founded. And that’s why we exist – Aktin Shop was set up with the aim to offer our customers suitable products and advise on how to use them.

Launch of our new online store brought us success. Within a few weeks, our store with the area of 25m² was no longer large enough, and we had to search for more storage facilities.


The first warehouse ever

Our warehouse was quite disorganized in the beginning

Our first warehouse was formed in uneasy conditions on Křenová Street, Brno. Then we opened our second store in Shopping Center Královo Pole. Our team was enlarged by Jan’s brother Václav and our first employee Marek Pastorek, who was part of Aktin team for next six years.

Our first car

The first company car

We bought our first company car Škoda Felicia Pickup to be able to deliver packages to post office and collect products from our suppliers.

To become more visible, we were distributing flyers on cars and sticking posters in universities and gyms. Moreover, we created profiles on social networks to share our motivational and educational content.


Our company is growing day by day

Warehouse on Zábrdovická Street

We extend our product portfolio day by day. And on top of that, Aktin offers many products as the first company in the Czech Republic.

Thanks to speed, quality advisory and trust, some customers were soon shopping regularly.


Aktin store on Veveří Street 34, Brno

The existing warehouse was no longer big enough and therefore we relocated opposite to the Military Hospital (Vojenská nemocnice). We also moved our store from Veveří Street 32 to a five times larger space, which was located only two entrances away. And this is where the cooperation between Michal and Hana Sénášiová on product magazine and social network content initiated.


A new warehouse

Reconstruction of warehouse on Tkalcovská Street

Another relocation took place a year later. In our brand new, large space on Tkalcovská Street just next to our warehouse, we created office facilities for the entire team. We hired a new internal accountant Alice Klusáková, who’s part of Aktin team until now.

A successful fair

Aktin stall on Sportlife fair

We experienced a great success on Sportlife Fair. There were long queues in front of our stall and we had to replenish our products many times.


Expanding cooperation

New products stocking

We were approached by The Protein Works, a British company founded by people from MyProtein. The goal was to cooperate on spreading quality and innovation in nutrition on both Czech and Slovak markets. The new brand became very popular and enabled us to grow.

A new website

Aktin website with its brand new look (the third design iteration). We experienced record sales on the day of its launch.

After two years of development, we launched a brand new website on our own platform. And at the same time, we began with a complete warehouse digitization.


A new store

Our store near warehouse on Tkalcovská Street

Day by day Aktin was becoming more sought-after. We soon reached interannual growth of 64%. A new store on Tkalcovská Street was opened, where customers could pick up their orders within 10 minutes (and there were more than 10,000 items on the stock). Thanks to Agáta Szturcová, who was an intern back then, we gained representation of new brands Bodylab, Barebells and Nocco. We have been succeeding in pushing these brands among best sellers on Czech market.

Aktin products

The first walnut butter we made in Aktin

We started production of functional nutrition via our sister company R3ptile.


Another store

Gym design was s source of inspiration for our store in OC Letmo

We opened another branch store in Letmo Shopping center in Brno, which soon became very popular among our customers.

Our development team

Intensive brainstorming

We have implemented many changes in our online store. Our development team lead by Jakub Horký unified online store with content of our magazine and created one clear and multi-functional website.

Our logistics department carried out warehouse smart inventory management system and digitized all warehouse movements.

Meet & greet

We organized our first Aktin Meet & Greet in Brno and Prague.

The cooperation of Michal Hubík and Jan Kern ended on good terms. Michal purchased Jan's company shares and became the only Aktin owner.


Warehouse expansion

Warehouse on Tkalcovská Street in full operation

Warehouse capacity to the area of 1700m² were enlarged. Our assortment was enriched with a new category Natural Cosmetics, and we began to learn to recognize quality products, carried out research and did wide testing to introduce more products to our assortment.

Expansion and new offices

Office spaces on Smetanová Street 19
including relax zone

We entered Slovak market with a complete website localization aktin.sk

Our team kept expanding and office capacities on Tkalcovská Street were no longer sufficient. Therefore, we created new office space on Smetanova Street in the center of Brno.


Aktin Point

We launched Aktin Point with the aim to save time of our customers by offering them the possibility to pick up their orders in their favorite gym. Apart from that, we continue in logistics digitization, which enables us to offer deliveries the next day after ordering.

Aktin products

After a long development, we introduced first Aktin products. Aktin Whey Protein and Protein Bar became best sellers in our online store over night. And within two months, Aktin Protein Bar became the best seller among protein bars on Czech market.

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