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The price-performance ratio is second to none! I've been taking Magnesium with Zinc at night for quite a number of years! Supplementing with Magnesium should not only be done by athletes🙏🏼 But beware, Magnesium is not liked with other supplements, only Zinc is friends:) so supplement separately from the others! (and preferably outside of food)

Since I exercise regularly, magnesium is a must. I rate this one from Aktin very positively. High efficiency!

Magnesium is very important for the body. It is the most deficient mineral for most (not only) athletes, so I would definitely recommend its supplementation. It not only works against stress, but also headaches, muscle cramps, fatigue, etc. Plus, it's excreted through sweating, so on days with a higher workload its supplementation is especially important!

Great! ✨ Helped me from quite frequent cramps.

Good enough quality, easy to swallow. I just find it has a weaker effect than normal magnesium powder. I have the same dosage but with this one my cramps got a little worse.

Before I started taking magnesium, I used to get really bad cramps every night in my sleep (due to my high physical activity), primarily in my calves. I didn't hesitate and started supplementing directly with magnesium capsules and haven't caught a single cramp since. So if you are suffering from cramps of any stage, don't hesitate to start supplementing this supplement really regularly! At the same time, in combination with zinc, I also feel less tired, I don't experience the aforementioned cramps, muscle tension, etc. Plus, the magnesium helps absorb the already mentioned zinc and I supplement them at once before bed, so they help me sleep better too.

Great magnesium 👌

Suitable for every athlete. When taking it, I stopped getting calf cramps at night

TOP product for athletes who suffer from cramps, actually who do not suffer from cramps :D With this magnesium, I was able to almost completely suppress them

Magnesium is an important supplement for sports people, we are usually deficient in it so it's good to supplement, this one is very well absorbed and really works 😊🙏