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As a lover of cinnamon, I really enjoy this combo! The lyo bananas crunch beautifully and again the composition is top-notch with an asterisk. Well done! Value for money? Performance leads! :D

Brilliant when you need a quick breakfast or snack! Just mix with cottage cheese or Greek yoghurt and a balanced meal with all the macronutrients is in the world.😁

Good quality and good! I wouldn't buy another one.😋

I expected the muesli to be a little sweeter. It's got a great texture, there are big chunks of nuts and even banana, but I can't really say if I would buy again or not. But with milk it's very good.

This muesli is really great and tasty...but I hate the banana in it (I hate it) My colleague gets the bananas in the morning and I enjoy the rest :D

Muesli super I like it very much

One of the best! Of course the quality corresponds to the price.

Definitely the best on the market with a great pure formula at an affordable price. Muesli without any extra stuff. A few ingredients and heaven in the mouth! I even like it on its own. Full of banana pieces and nuts. Just a yummy treat that I can't do without anymore and at least once a day I have to have a small bowl of curd to taste, along with Vilgain granola... I accidentally threw the fruit flavor in my cart 😃 because I'm not a fan of dried fruit, but I'm glad I was able to try it. It was a pleasant surprise and I think I'll order again next time (this time it won't be by mistake 😄). But it doesn't have that ❤️ thing about the muesli with lyo banana and cocoa.


Ingredients top, tastes delicious, another addiction