Multigrain Bread

152 Ratings

Absolutely amazing! I could really eat the whole package in one sitting. It's beautifully soft, it's the bomb. One of the best breads I've ever had.

It's crumbling a bit.

The bread is good, but I must admit I don't really feel the green olives :D Just watch out, it's very fatty - I just use it when I need some LC food with mainly fat and protein.

The only disadvantage of the bread is that it spoils really fast :D, anyway, the taste is absolutely great, big pieces of cranberries and overall the bread is so nice and soft :D.

The bread tastes really good. The price is high, but it corresponds to the quality. I ordered the bread through the e-shop and even though the packaging was intact and the expiry date was far away, it was moldy. However, the store replaced it with a new one without any problems :) So I recommend buying it in store and then unpacking it right away and storing it in a cloth towel - that's how it lasted for me without any problems ;)

The name speaks for the taste, it's really cool and quite moist!

it's not the most appealing to look at or smell, but it's very good in taste and nutrition.

Moist, delicious in taste and of course also great in composition. Compared to similar bread from the supermarket unbeatable 😁.

Incredible taste, no need to put anything with it. 🥰I definitely recommend it, just the price..

I hadn't even opened it yet and it was already moldy Correction: new bread was sent to me and I can't praise it. Thanks for the opportunity to try it again 🤤☺️