Myprotein Clear Vegan Protein

20 Ratings

Excellent, I definitely recommend it! I also had the raspberry mojito flavour - it was amazing. I recommend

Taste good, a little artificial taste, which I don't like much, but here I don't mind. Good for protein supplementation, but not very filling.

It tastes like raspberry without the bubbles 😋

It's very good for being vegan. A little bit of protein though.

Super alternative to protein drinks. Feel a slight aftertaste of protein but it's tolerable

Very good, nice change.

I was very surprised by the resulting consistency, which does not resemble classic protein shakes at all, but water with syrup. However, that's why I'm looking at it as a great alternative when I don't want anything creamy. Plus, I haven't come across any plant-based creamy protein that I really like. So for me, a great option. The apple/black elderflower taste is how I would imagine such a taste to be. However, the strawberry flavor also tastes more appley, I don't really taste much strawberry in it.

exceeded expectations! very good, it tastes like I'm drinking syrup from the store😄

One star is too much...terrible taste, stinks already in the box and the aftertaste....

The very idea of a "clear" protein seems great and especially useful to me, which is why I'm also going to try the peach tea variant, but so far the only flavour I've tried (strawberry) has honestly tasted really bad - very artificial and extremely sweet, not reminiscent of strawberry. In order to finish the protein, I had to dilute it in a 1,5 l bottle with at least 2 lemons. There is I think 10g of protein per serving, which is not much, but the protein is also very low calorie, so it's not a problem to add more :)