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Works the best of any I've had. It's just the consistency is like sand and takes a while to dissolve.

Works - I tried loose magnesium for the first time. I ordered it because of digestion and subsequent excretion problems. Before I found out that you don't give the whole scoop, but only 1/3 of it, I managed to get a pretty big kick out of it, which of course I was glad for. The only thing that bothers me a bit is that it doesn't dissolve, but everything is something you can get used to and in this case the effect is more important to me.

Good - It fulfils its function, but what bothers me is the very poor solubility.

:) - It doesn't dissolve the best but it fulfills the purpose :) There is no taste.

You can't dissolve it in water, so it crunches between your teeth.

not much - zero solubility, it just tastes as if I drank chalk in water. Of course it fulfils the purpose, but beware of high doses at once, it has overdosing effects