Organic Coconut Sirup

56 Ratings

Top ceiling! Caramel consistency, great taste! Will it last long and e.g. for pancakes or my homemade magnum? I RECOMMEND

Great taste, very sweet, so no need to add extra sugar or other sweetener.

a hundred times better than some low-calorie topping full of artificial sweeteners. Because a few extra calories never killed anyone, especially in this case, in exchange for a divine taste experience! Great natural coconut taste with a hint of caramel. I pour it on basically everything :D

its taste reminds me a lot of those lollipops in the shape of a pacifier from the pilgrimage😂 otherwise it tastes good

Perfect the best sweetener I've ever tried.

perfect for porridge 😍

At first I had to get used to the taste, but now I would not change. Great in porridge or on pancakes, pancakes or waffles.

Great syrup - I love its perfect smell I like to caramelise fruit with it the most, it's not as extremely sweet as maple syrup just right and I really enjoy its distinctive flavour! Mixing it with nut butter will conjure up the perfect caramel! For porridge , pancakes, cake but also in baking dough!