Organic Peanut Butter Powder

101 Ratings

At the beginning I was not very impressed, but gradually I got used to the taste and I am very satisfied. Super 👍

Amazing :) yummy. The taste is really delicious. In porridge or on toast. SUPER! It's just a small packet and a bit expensive in proportion to the packet. But otherwise very good and will definitely order again.

Ho preparato una ricetta in arrivo sul mio profilo con questa deliziosa polvere al burro di arachidi! Si sente tantissimo ed é ricca di proteine 😍

I put it in my porridge every day and it is delicious. Super ingredients, low in calories and dissolves well. I recommend it!

The best peanut butter powder! Definitely not to be missed at home :)

Great taste, few calories😌

Finally some unsweetened powder🙏 Excellent

The taste is completely different than the classic PB2, which I know specifically the American versions. This is less pronounced because there is no sugar. The composition is at 1

I really like it especially the super composition

I was worried that it would be too artificial and that it just wouldn't taste like pb, but I have to say it's really great! much better than I expected 🤩