Organic Veggie Spread

80 Ratings

I think this spread will be tasty for everyone who doesn't need "classic hummus". Absolutely perfect with crackers and veggies. <3

Yummy yummy! I wouldn't call it hummus, because then you'll be disappointed. But it's a great vegetable spread for few kcal. For me very much approved!

Excellent spread or something like hummus. With veggies, pasta, in short, meow!

Taste good, but the price seems to me quite higher

So this is one of my favorite things about Aktinu! I love to have chopped veggies with watching a movie or TV show, and having this spread as a dip was the best idea.

Personally, I'm terribly lazy to make my own pesto/hummus, and this made everything easier, as I really love hummus! The ingredients are absolutely great, not to mention the energy value! I'm actually the kind of person who always puts a ton of spread on my baked goods, so this is a WIN WIN for me. I just might tweak the consistency a bit to make it more "spreadable", it's kind of thick at the moment.

Excellent spread (hummus) with a quality composition.

I've tried both flavours and it's great - nice on rye bread from the grill and on that ox eye ♥️ I like paprika a bit more, but I can't say rationally why - personal preference :)

Ingredients and macros are great, you can eat it with everything. I'm just not so excited about the taste, it reminds me a bit of salty baby food :D Personally I like hummus from Lidl 100 times more, but again it's quite fatty, so this is a good compromise. I'll try adding some romaine to it, if that helps.

For me very good, it reminds me a bit of a stiffer hummus from Lidl. I recommend it.