Protein pancakes, batters and bulk mixes

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Mixes for protein pancakes

Everyone knows the classic pancake - mixing egg, milk and flour makes a quick and easy meal. However, for fans of a healthy lifestyle and perfectly balanced meals, ordinary pancakes probably wouldn't be enough, so protein pancakes came into the world. These are enriched with a proper dose of protein, most often in the form of protein powder, to increase the filling power and nutritional value of the whole meal.

If you want to save yourself some time, you can reach for instant mixes that can be used to conjure up protein pancakes, pancakes or waffles. You don't even need an egg to make these pancakes, just mix the mixes with water or milk.

The best protein pancakes

And what makes protein pancakes stand out? Sour cream, fresh fruit and syrup or toppings are perfect for garnishing. Fitness enthusiasts should definitely reach for low‑sugar options, e.g. Frontrunner Zero Topping.

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