Protein Cookie

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Very good, but dense. I'm sharing with someone, I couldn't eat the whole thing by myself.


At the beginning not so great, the consistency is weird and it looks like marzipan from a carnival :D but slowly I got to the middle and there was caramel. Then I quite liked it and I'm ordering more :D definitely worth trying this flavour

Soft, supple🍪

Snickerdoodle is a wonderfully spicy cookie! Worth a taste! The consistency is kind of that classic gooey consistency that these protein cookies tend to have, but the spicy flavor makes up for it 100%! Yum! I love the coconut and white chocolate too! The peanut/chocolate cookie didn't really appeal to me, not bad but I don't need it to live, I'd rather buy a Aktin protein bar or flapjack :)

Peanuts/chocolate for me very dry and crumbly but coconut with white chocolate top, I will buy again.

One of my favorite cookies. I've been buying it ever since they first Aktin started making it. I always really liked it, but then there was a period where I felt like they changed the recipe. I don't know if that's true or if my taste buds just changed, but I didn't like it as much and stopped buying it. After a long time, I added it to my cart and since then it's been back in my orders regularly. Compared to how I knew it before there are peanuts inside and not on the surface, the cookie is a bit stiffer in consistency but I wouldn't say by much. It's a little smaller, but again, taller than it used to be and it's really very rich. The whole 100g has some 400kcal, which is even more than my breakfast, but that's what makes it great when you really don't eat a lot and need something that will fill you up for a longer time (or I just half it :D) I still really like it and the peanuts and chocookie combo is just great

È una bomba! Per chi ama il cioccolato soprattutto! Ingredienti naturali e ricco di proteine Continuerò ad ordinarlo sempre 😍

Brownie - I'm a chocolate girl, so it's clear that this is my favorite cookie. A distinct chocolate flavor and an indescribably great consistency! I'm absolutely thrilled with it. 😍😍😍 I was scared of the coconut at first, but I was pleasantly surprised. Combined with white chocolate it makes a real yummy treat! The peanut/chocolate flavor didn't really wow me. Just a regular cookie.

This cookie reminds me more of a bun in consistency, but really dense and good 😍.

This cookie is literally the bomb, I've never eaten a better cookie, bold flavor and I could literally get high on them😁 I'm looking forward to trying the other flavors!