R2E Turkey Meat

60 Ratings

Taste delicious meat. Nothing to complain about.

Good to have in the pantry! The package is big and enough for two people 😉

For a sandwich with barbecue sauce and pickles or onions and mustard absolutely delicious!

Just on bread or even in hot dishes! Yummy

At first I was very worried, after all it doesn't look very appealing at first sight. But in the end I was very surprised, because the taste is really great! Fry it in a pan, put it on a piece of bread, or add it to some side dishes and vegetables and you have a great dinner, snack or lunch! A great quick fix!

Perfectly seasoned, my new favorite!

delicious taste, just cook it just rice and a full-fledged lunch is in the world. Terribly tender meat, no mistake.

He exceeded expectations. When it arrived, I was scared of the contents of the jar because it looked kind of strange :D However, after tasting it - heaven in my mouth! As a quick box lunch for work absolutely perfect! All you had to do was make a side dish (couscous, bulgur...), chop up some veggies and shred this turkey meat into it. No need to season and salt, the side dish soaks up the flavor of the meat and together it's delicious without the extra seasoning and salt. I recommend, I buy regularly

Good turkey meat but it's not for me. Taste good though.

The weight is much less than 400g ..