Seamless Ribbed Bra

17 Ratings

Holds its shape perfectly and does not rip when playing sports

Finally a bra that doesn't pinch the trapezius and is comfortable for normal wear.

One of the most comfortable sports bras I have and that I have a full set of! Nothing sticks or presses anywhere, TOP for me...planning to order another :D

Great fitting bra made of high quality material. It is very comfortable and combined with leggings creates a beautiful and functional set that I am not afraid to take to the city!

Ho preso xs nero, tessuto super elasticizzato e si adatta benissimo alle forme del nostro fisico (con coppe) tessuto perfetto per questa stagione fredda

One of the best bras for both exercise and everyday wear. It's very comfortable, firm, made of nice material and most importantly it holds what it's supposed to :) I highly recommend it 👍🏻

Comfortable, pleasant, made of stronger material and well made - great for me!

Very comfortable