Strawberries Lyophilized

43 Ratings

They are crispy even if you open them in a week 🍓

In addition to raspberries, I can't miss strawberries!

I've never eaten better!

They are delicious, slightly sour, I order repeatedly.

Although freeze-dried fruit is not one of my favourite foods, strawberries are one of the few I like. And for people who have a drinking problem, a nice way to make it more varied.

Simply delicious, crispy and sweet strawberries. <3 (I mean, some are less sweet than others, but you can tell it's real fruit, no artificial stuff).

The best lyo jajods I've ever had! they are very fragile even a few weeks after opening. I've never had that happen with any of them before! Oh, great. (and so are the raspberries)

Just classic lyo fruit goodness ❤️Do rad krupe ideal , my kids love it 🥰

It's great, it tastes and smells lovely 🍓, but I ordered twice and each time I got crumbs, and that might bother some people. Otherwise 👍

They're great, taste right 🍓 but I've ordered 2 times now and each time I've gotten grit. I crush the fruit when I use lyo anyway where it's in the palm of my hand, but maybe some people might mind.