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I never knew there could be such a difference in a can of tuna (and sardines). And I have to say, there really is! Value for money? Priceless!

Tuna is a staple for any athlete in my opinion :D this one is amazing in both taste and quality. So I recommend it! And it's much cheaper from the store :)

I love, love, love! I don't buy other tuna anymore, this one is my leader. The ratio of price, quality and taste is great. Plus, it's in its own juice, which I really appreciate.

Great tasting

Great tuna, not just some grit, but a nice piece of fish :) Perfect as a quick dinner.

anything with this tuna is awesome :-)

Tuna in its own juice is a great source of protein for me on days when I'm "pigging out" or when I have little time to prepare a meal. It's low in calories, fat and no carbs. So a perfect part of some lighter lunches! :)

Excellent tuna for great money! What I like most is that it's not completely mushy. There are really pieces that are e.g. In a salad, they don't completely fall apart. And it tastes great! ❤️


excellent !!! :-)