Tomáš Kadlec

Tomáš Kadlec

Favourite products

Ketchup Organic ⁠–⁠ full of organic tomatoes and lower sugar content
480 g
2,99 €
Body Wash ⁠–⁠ fresh handmade gel for moisturizing and softening the skin
Tangerine with rosemary 200 ml
7,20 € 8,29 €
Grass-Fed Whey Protein ⁠–⁠ from the milk of grass-fed cows, sweetened with stevia, ultrafiltered at low temperatures
1000 g
29,99 €
Protein Granola ⁠–⁠ honest pieces of baked muesli with protein crisps for a nutritious breakfast
Cinnamon Crunch 350 g
9,99 €
1 Minute Oats ⁠–⁠ whole wheat flakes from Finland for the fluffiest porridge in a minute
500 g
1,79 €
Pizza Base ⁠–⁠ for the preparation of homemade Italian pizza, only 5 natural ingredients
280 g (2 x 140 g)
1,99 €
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Brutally fresh smell :O

Without unnecessary sugar and bullshit. Super thing

Top. Especially if you want to make the side dish a protein source.

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