Kristína Purdešová

Kristína Purdešová

Favourite products

Vilgain Organic Fusilli pasta ⁠–⁠ propellers from controlled organic farming
Spelled 250 g
1,59 €
Vilgain Strawberries Lyophilized ⁠–⁠ 100% gently dried fruit that crunches divinely and tastes like fresh
45 g
4,99 €
Vilgain Organic Peanut Butter ⁠–⁠ 100% of finely air-roasted peanuts with no added sugar, fat or salt
Smooth Peanuts 1000 g
9,99 €
Vilgain Protein Granola ⁠–⁠ honest pieces of baked muesli with protein crisps for a nutritious breakfast
Cinnamon Crunch 350 g
9,99 €
Vilgain Body Wash ⁠–⁠ fresh handmade gel for moisturizing and softening the skin
Tangerine with rosemary 200 ml
8,29 €
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You cook them in 8 minutes and eat them in 2 minutes 😜

Comfort above all 🤗

Your skin and hands will thank you for this softness 🧼

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