Hana Zlatníková

Hana Zlatníková

Favourite products

Cheat Spread ⁠–⁠ 100% natural nut butter with grass-fed protein
Chocolate peanut butter cup 200 g
9,99 €
Avocado Oil Spray ⁠–⁠ from the Hass variety from Mexico, with practical dispenser
200 ml
9,99 €
Organic 1 Minute Rice Meal ⁠–⁠ perfectly digestible and ready in a minute
200 g
1,49 €
Flower Honey ⁠–⁠ from a Czech beekeeper from the pure nature of the Jeseniky Protected Landscape Area
720 g
9,99 €
Sweet Nuts ⁠–⁠ gourmet butters with a high nut content
Cinnamon-butter cookie
from 9,99 €
Coconut Oil Cooking Spray ⁠–⁠ made of fragrant Philippine coconut, with practical dispenser
200 ml
5,99 €
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I have just tasted it and .... I have no words...delicious combination, thick consistency, it melts on the tongue...this is 1000% successful

To this day, I've never known better. Creamy, tasty, quickly cooked...they make the best porridge.

It's delicious, almost like semolina and no cooking :)