Klára Berisha

Klára Berisha


Are you always looking for those big, crunchy pieces in your granola, too? Well this is a package full of exactly those 😭❤️ Along with whole pecans. Without a doubt the best granola I've ever had. With perfect ingredients and balanced nutritional values, but that's automatic with Vilgain. I LOVE!

If I had to pick one piece of clothing to wear all winter, it's this sweatshirt :D Incredibly nice, comfortable, warm. Plus it has a great fit! I took the size. S/M for an oversized look and I'm thrilled <3

I always make time for food. But sometimes I need something that's ready quickly. That doesn't mean I have to go through 3 rolls with a parmesan :D But I prefer to reach for something with a quality ingredient that is filling and tastes great. This wrap fulfills that perfectly. Sweet or savory, I top it with whatever I like and it makes a great and nutritious dinner/lunch ! :)

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