Vegan Protein Bar

867 Ratings

Great thick taste where I finally do not feel the aftertaste. Fills for a long time

I'm not vegan, but I can appreciate good things and I love these bars! Mostly carrot cake and cinnamon lattes! I really liked the almond/strawberry flavor too, but I see it's gone :(

Moist, just sweet enough, for me a super bar that I always throw in my basket.

Soft, just sweet and full of nutrients 👍

Great ingredients, great taste... but I probably won't buy this flavour again

The cinnamon latte leads the pack for me! The bar melts on the tongue and you can taste the real taste of cinnamon. There is nothing to complain about the ingredients... in a word, a hit! Finally, a Vegas protein bar that won't disappoint.

Love at first taste without compromise.

Ingredienti super! Me la gusto spesso al lavoro in pausa ed é molto nutriente e super morbida! Si sente la cannella ed é una delizia

At first bite I wasn't very interested in this bar, but during the course of eating it I came to like it :-) Strong taste of chocolate and cocoa beans, drove away hunger, size just right. I will order again next time.

I liked the hot chocolate very much. The carrot cake flavour didn't interest me so much.