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I would leave the original packaging (better handling and storage)

I've always taken multiple bags to stock up, so I'm just now seeing that the packaging has changed. I'm with you on that. It's a shame. I don't like storage in boxes, nothing fits anywhere.

The flakes are great, but of course the new packaging is big bad :( terribly impractical, when I first opened it I had flakes everywhere...

Hi Klara, thanks for the review on packaging. We wanted to go as eco-friendly as possible ;-) but we are looking into other variations including a large ziplock.

Nejlepší ovesné vločky, které jsem kdy měla🫶🏼

The best minute flakes.

Nothing to fault. Excellent porridge and quick preparation. One thing I would complain about and that is the packaging, the original (although not eco) suited me better. I always struggle with this one so that there are no flakes everywhere.

Really super creamy and ready in a minute!

They exceeded my expectations. Great for porridge 👍

Excellent taste and quick preparation

A quick breakfast preparation, they make a light porridge...

excellent flakes, can be eaten immediately, very tasty