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I would leave the original packaging (better handling and storage)

I've always taken multiple bags to stock up, so I'm just now seeing that the packaging has changed. I'm with you on that. It's a shame. I don't like storage in boxes, nothing fits anywhere.

The flakes are great, but of course the new packaging is big bad :( terribly impractical, when I first opened it I had flakes everywhere...

Hi Klara, thanks for the review on packaging. We wanted to go as eco-friendly as possible ;-) but we are looking into other variations including a large ziplock.

The best flakes :) will buy repeatedly

The best flakes on the Czech market!

The best flakes I know,porridge from them has no competition 😋

With banana and syrup it's perfect spojení👌😉

the best oatmeal I have ever eaten, fantastic consistency and taste

Top vyrobek

The finest porridge 😍! Especially with milk it's delicious, it doesn't even need flavoring 😆.

Quickly made porridge, literally in a minute.