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I would leave the original packaging (better handling and storage)

I've always taken multiple bags to stock up, so I'm just now seeing that the packaging has changed. I'm with you on that. It's a shame. I don't like storage in boxes, nothing fits anywhere.

The flakes are great, but of course the new packaging is big bad :( terribly impractical, when I first opened it I had flakes everywhere...

Hi Klara, thanks for the review on packaging. We wanted to go as eco-friendly as possible ;-) but we are looking into other variations including a large ziplock.

The finest oatmeal. I don't like chunks of oatmeal in my porridge, so I have to blend the plain ones. That worry goes away with Vilgain oatmeal. Just pour hot water over them and they melt on your tongue.

Very good, the best flakes so far

Great flakes, they are soft and very tasty

The finest oatmeal 😊 Ideal for porridge and great for baking dough 👍


not to be missed in any order :)

the best, I don't buy others anymore

A total blast