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I would leave the original packaging (better handling and storage)


Better than mornflake? - I was sceptical, they're flakes, what do you want to improve on them? But I have to say one thing - and that's - I've never had a better flake. They surpassed even the famous mornflake flakes. The consistency of the finished porridge is unbelievable, it reminds me more of pudding than porridge. I absolutely fell in love and I don't want any more. If you haven't had it yet definitely give it a try, I think you'll be as surprised as I was.


The flakes are great, but of course the new packaging is big bad :( terribly impractical, when I first opened it I had flakes everywhere...


creamy heaven - Just pour hot water over them and you'll have a beautiful fluffy porridge in under a minute! They have a nice sweet taste and are finely ground, so they soak up the water beautifully. I bought a 2kg pack straight away and have no regrets - they are perfect. There's no porridge like porridge, it's a level up with these flakes 😍.


I've never been a fan of oatmeal, but I really liked those beautifully decorated porridges that you can see on every other instagram account. So I thought I might as well give oatmeal a try one day. I didn't even bother buying the store-bought cereal, because after seeing reviews of these Vilgain cereals, I had no reason to buy some competing ones from the store that I'm not even sure will be truly delicious. Unfortunately, as I wrote above, I have nothing to compare these flakes to, but despite that I know they are totally unique and great. I first tried these flakes with water only, as they said on the box. Later I made them with milk, which is also great - you get a much smoother and creamier consistency. Then I sort of settled on a 2:1:1 combination of oats, milk and water. I recently experimented with buying almond "milk" and pouring just that "milk" over the flakes (but this time in a 1:1 ratio). I have to say, even though I'm not vegan, I still enjoyed it very much. On top I add maybe a banana, lyo-fruit, of course I can't forget the nutty m*slo and some of those seeds. I Aktine, thanks for this great option with which I can enjoy 'breakfast without regrets' every morning.


I've been buying for a few times now, but the new packaging is just off 😕


The best! - I ordered some to try and I must say,they are far better than Mornflake !The porridge is even creamier 👌 so next time I will order again !


I'm joining the others who love these guys. I don't understand what it is, but the consistency is really creamy, which I have never been able to get with other flakes. The packaging in the box doesn't suit me either, but if it's more eco-friendly, I'd rather handle it than change back to some plastic packaging :)


The flakes are excellent, for me definitely the best I've ever had. Only the new packaging doesn't really suit me. For one, it's hard to handle, so I'm putting it in the original packaging with the closure. I also miss the 2kg pack, this way I feel like it creates unnecessary waste. I hope the original packaging comes back, or that you introduce at least a kilo variant.


Oatmeal - I thought all oatmeal was the same. But lo and behold, Lucie! :D The flakes from Aktinu, are soft, beautifully fragrant and make the porridge nice and fluffy and creamy.