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I would leave the original packaging (better handling and storage)

I've always taken multiple bags to stock up, so I'm just now seeing that the packaging has changed. I'm with you on that. It's a shame. I don't like storage in boxes, nothing fits anywhere.

The flakes are great, but of course the new packaging is big bad :( terribly impractical, when I first opened it I had flakes everywhere...

Hi Klara, thanks for the review on packaging. We wanted to go as eco-friendly as possible ;-) but we are looking into other variations including a large ziplock.

Better than mornflake? - I was sceptical, they're flakes, what do you want to improve on them? But I have to say one thing - and that's - I've never had a better flake. They surpassed even the famous mornflake flakes. The consistency of the finished porridge is unbelievable, it reminds me more of pudding than porridge. I absolutely fell in love and I don't want any more. If you haven't had it yet definitely give it a try, I think you'll be as surprised as I was.

Luxurious flakes! I haven't had them at home for a while and when I bought them again after a while, I was "amazed" at the difference in texture of the flakes and the softness after making porridge :)

The flakes are great. Packaging is less practical but it can be done. I never liked the taste of the flakes, always the ones from the store had a strange aftertaste but no one can touch these at home. The idea of eating cereal for breakfast, and warm at that, was horrible for me, but I can eat these. I think they're the best I've ever had.

I didn't notice any significant difference between the ordinary fine flakes for 12 kc and these. They are of course good, porridge from them is awesome, soft and fast, such flakes really don't need to be cooked or heated in the microwave. But there will be no revolution in my breakfasts.

Flakes that create the creamiest consistency! ❣️

Best Flakes.

I often have cereal for breakfast and I have to say that this is some of the best cereal I've ever had. They are beautifully creamy and tender when you make them right. I appreciate more preparation instructions right on the package.

A daily must have for breakfast. The best consistency.