80% Chocolate Shards

15 Ratings

Luxury ❤️

Perfect, full-bodied taste 🤌🏻 a delight not only for the taste buds

I'm used to 80% of chocolates being harder and harder to melt. This one surprised me right from opening the bag. A distinct chocolate scent! The taste is absolutely amazing! It's a smooth chocolate that completely melts on the tongue!

I think this is an excellent idea! Many of us can't imagine porridge without melted chocolate, so now it will (hopefully) never happen that there is no supply.

As soon as you open the package, you will smell the intense aroma of chocolate, which you will immediately recognize as one of the best quality chocolates you have ever tasted. I like the original processing of the chocolate, which is broken into huge pieces. You really feel like you are eating real chocolate! It is delicious and melts on the tongue!

You can never have enough quality chocolate!

So this chocolate is definitely becoming a staple in my shopping! Great taste, great price.

great chocolate