80% Dark Chocolate

42 Ratings

Excellent quality chocolate, even for cooking. I recommend

Chocolate with a capital C. A delicate thing that one really enjoys. Subtle but distinctive, pure chocolate flavour.

For dark chocolate lovers like me I recommend with all 10🤤

Okay... so the smell? Perfection!🤤 taste very bitter but mega quality! For porridge it's a hit!❤️

Maximum satisfaction. Excellent dark fine chocolate.

Very strong and good quality chocolate. But ...I had open Ajala chocolate and it is a level above. It's smoother, more delicious and also more expensive, so if you buy this one, you'll be happy too.

⚫️🟤👌🏻 Excellent stuff

Quality, you really only need a few cubes

Finally I found a really good quality chocolate with even better ingredients. You can smell the intense aroma of chocolate as soon as you open it. You definitely won't stay with just one cube.

The new product from Vilgain has only the highest quality ingredients, and at the same time an absolutely delicious creamy taste. Proof that even dark chocolate can sweeten life!