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Totally awesome

Really good are they with the shufan in 1st place

I love the crunchy bits of almonds inside!

Výborný dobré do kaše i samotné

Excellent. The best "butter" of all.

The best almond butter! I fell in love with giving it all!

I really like it, I just prefer a little more liquid butter :)

Top ! Plus cele mandle v masle :)

After a while the fat separates quite a bit from the butter, so you have to stir it, which is just wrong, but I guess that's not unusual with these nut butters.

Hi, this is a typical characteristic of peanut butters. Have a nice day

I like it, it's less "almond" than I imagined, but otherwise fine. Plus or minus for vegans is that it kind of reminds me of duck fat at first taste(both me and my friend). :D