135 Ratings

Almond butter is my favorite and we've tried them. Great consistency and distinct taste of pure almonds.

Almond butter has never been a favorite of mine, but with the opportunity to taste butter from Aktin/Vilgain it has become my ultimate favorite. I recommend it!

When I first saw entire pieces of almonds I was shocked. I could not believe that a 100% almond cream could really exist

Really BEAUTIFUL...great taste, consistency, no dry and hard residue on the bottom of the butter (as it usually happens with other butters)...TOP!

The crunchy almond butter is so unique, love it!

Excellent almond butter, pure composition without extra stuff, suitable for both baking and porridge, the taste is pleasantly sweet and not at all bitter like some almond butters. For me super 👌❤️

Absolutely perfect butter. The almond pieces are absolutely brilliant. Great on a croissant for breakfast, for example. And combined with raspberry jam, it's unbeatable. If I could, I'd give it 1,000 stars.

Unbelievably delicious and those almond pieces. Amazing. 🤤🤤🤤

Just finely ground almonds and nothing else. Excellent butter suitable for baking, in yoghurt and just a spoonful (a spoonful - one is never enough). It does have slightly more carbs than a competing almond butter I often buy, but the taste is still excellent and I recommend it :)

It's not liquid, but it's very good!