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Top ! Plus cele mandle v masle :)

After a while the fat separates quite a bit from the butter, so you have to stir it, which is just wrong, but I guess that's not unusual with these nut butters.

Hi, this is a typical characteristic of peanut butters. Have a nice day

I like it, it's less "almond" than I imagined, but otherwise fine. Plus or minus for vegans is that it kind of reminds me of duck fat at first taste(both me and my friend). :D

new dependency ♥

Pleasant consistency with bits of almonds

For me it's the top. I love the big pack.

Almond butter is my favorite and we've tried them. Great consistency and distinct taste of pure almonds.

Almond butter has never been a favorite of mine, but with the opportunity to taste butter from Aktin/Vilgain it has become my ultimate favorite. I recommend it!

When I first saw entire pieces of almonds I was shocked. I could not believe that a 100% almond cream could really exist

Really BEAUTIFUL...great taste, consistency, no dry and hard residue on the bottom of the butter (as it usually happens with other butters)...TOP!