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Almond flour is great in that it is very low in carbohydrates compared to other flours. So it's good for low carb baking, which I really like. And it tastes awfully good too!

Total satisfaction! - Yes, it can't be claimed to be a healthier version of flour, as it's only almond flour, so there's more fat content, but for me it's really great! The taste of the flour is absolutely great and throwing it in once in a while doesn't hurt at all! I've grown to love it so much. <3

Almond flour - This flour has a great use for me, I use it for breakfast, healthy baking or just to taste, it definitely belongs to a healthy lifestyle 😊

Good for baking - The taste is fine, but I would prefer if the almonds were finely ground and without the skin more like real flour - so that e.g. after mixing with coconut milk they create a mushy consistency

quality ground almonds 💕 - great for making desserts, quality ground almonds 👍

Super – Parada. Super na peceni

Topovka - The best flour for baking, baking, decorating...

Unfortunately, I was disappointed by the coarseness of the ground almonds, big chunks, it's far from flour, before I took from Wolfberry and it was fine, here I always have to grind again before adding to the dough/flour and low carb recipe, so it's unsatisfactory for me.

Hi Lenka, thanks for the feedback! we will look into it - there is always room for improvement ;-)

The flour is not very good, very coarse and the taste and smell seems to me terribly artificial.

Hi Terko, we're sorry you're not happy with the flour. I will contact you by e-mail so we can check the quality together ;-) Thanks for the feedback.

Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with flour. It's just coarsely crushed almonds, with flakes on top.