Almonds caramelized

105 Ratings

These almonds should have the same disclaimer on them as nut butters. Absolute perfection <3

Perfect for me.

Does anyone realize how fast this is disappearing...oh my.

I can't wait for my next order to throw this vice in. The only downside is that I used it up way too fast. Taste absolutely fantastic.

I LOVE IT! 🤤 they are not unnecessarily oversweetened, there is a subtle taste of cinnamon, just great.

This... LUXURY! My new addiction.

From now on, these nuts can't be missing from any of my orders. TOP TOP!!!

PA-NE-BO-ŽE! I've never eaten such perfect nuts! Heaven in my mouth!

This catapulted my appetite back to the pilgrimage. Top

Super strong cinnamon flavour and yet not too sweet!