Almonds caramelized

44 Ratings

From now on, these nuts can't be missing from any of my orders. TOP TOP!!!

PA-NE-BO-ŽE! I've never eaten such perfect nuts! Heaven in my mouth!

This catapulted my appetite back to the pilgrimage. Top

Super strong cinnamon flavour and yet not too sweet!

Sheer cinnamon love. Reminiscent of Cini minis

Úžasná chuť.

My new best friend.

A great treat in the evening with the TV or on trips! Not over sweetened and the taste of almonds is highlighted🫶🏻❤️

They are very good, but I would add more cinnamon and a little less sugar - they are quite sweet for me.

Delicious, but just a hair more cinnamon! :)))