Athletic Cut Organic Tee

71 Ratings

Size fits, very comfortable♥️

Beautiful color and terrible quality material. I recommend it with all ten :-)

Nice material and fits beautifully. :)

Pleasant, comfortable material.

Great stuff. I just figured it would be a little fuller, not so loose

Nice material, good quality ❤️

Nothing but great quality, extreme comfort and a trendy look can be expected from the Vilgain clothing line! another great piece.

Another perfect piece from the new Vilgain collection! I'm a size S and the XS/S fit me perfectly, so if anyone likes looser options, definitely order a size up :-) The color matches the photos, so I'm spoko loko :-) The only thing I would criticize is the lightness of the material, I would have appreciated it maybe a bit stronger, but then again at least I won't be partying in it :-D

Great material + minimalist style = absolutely awesome t-shirt in all colours 🖤

The most comfortable t-shirts I have in my closet! The material is really good quality and it feels really nice on bare skin. As far as sizing goes, I generally wear a size 36-38, so I first got one shirt in a size S/M, which is just right and I like to wear it with high waisted jeans as it's easy to tuck in, or just with shorts for home. But I'm also a lover of oversized t-shirts, so I bought one in size M/L, which goes right to the middle of my butt (I'm 171 cm) and I have to say that I feel even better in this bigger size! So I highly recommend the t-shirt, but what size you choose is up to your preference 😊.