Avocado Oil Spray, avocado oil in a spray from the selected Hass variety from Mexico

225 Ratings

Great to dose and does not burn when frying, delicate taste.

An excellent kitchen helper. It takes really little.

Super handy packaging 👌 and I haven't seen avocado oil spray anywhere else.

super helper for the kitchen, because of the high burning point I have never had anything burn... really great!

Great for salad and pan.

Spray oils are absolutely the perfect invention! This avocado one is also suitable for hot kitchens.

A total blast!

I use it quite often. It has a neutral taste and is good to work with. 😇

The oil, which has earned the N1 position in the oil section in my kitchen, flavors the food perfectly (try spraying them on the surface of the Vilgain pizza base when you make your homemade pizza !) and by spraying it you don't use too much oil and you know the exact dose, because my hand always gets a bit tired with conventional oils.

super kitchen helper with high quality