Banana Slices, dried bananas without added sugar and oil

72 Ratings

Strange for the first "taste", but with each bite the taste improves and you can smell the banana :-)

We love to play with mommy just to eat 🤍

Indeed, the taste is pleasantly caramel and I can recommend it.

I was expecting something else... But it can be used in porridge or even alone just for a snack if you want some fruit:)

Freeze-dried bananas are a blast, but these?🤤 Really worth it!

A very tasty alternative to regular dried fruit - the freshness of the fruit is preserved

The most perfect dried bananas ever. Great taste, they are not the classic crunchy ones, but so slightly rubbery but in a good way. Full of flavour, which you don't often see with dried ones and I really recommend them to everyone.

Banana fudge. Brilliant. I'm rooting for a bigger package! :D

My first aid for evening sweet cravings 🔝👍😉 Ordered yesterday, on the table today, thank you.

For all lovers of dried bananas, or rather bananas in general!! It's a problem not to eat the whole package at once :D