Vilgain Bananas Lyophilized

133 Ratings

A great addition to muesli, they are crunchy and taste almost like fresh bananas. I like them much better than dried bananas because they are so sweet. I like them best when the bananas soak a bit in milk.

suitable for porridge or muesli, sweet and crunchy

I love the fruit from vilgan especially through storage.

Is this the same as the supermarket? 10 times better and I can really smell the banana on this one :-D

Very good

The best lyo fruit 🫶🏻

Great quality product, bananas are extremely crispy and cut into large pieces, I was surprised that they did not even crumble like most lyo fruit:)

Who doesn't love dried fruit? These bananas are sweet and crunchy!😋Open they won't last long😅

🔝 the best

Super taste, super packaging, only the pulp of a few bananas on the bottom is not ideal.