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It's not bad for fighting off hunger, it's a jaw dropper, but that's to be expected with jerky :D I might appreciate some other flavors and other types of meat :-) (Turkey would be very nice)

I love jerky, and these are really great

Quick snack, good replenishment of protein

A big piece of meat in a small version! A great source of protein on the go and flavourful? Some of the best jerky I've ever had! Juicy and just the right amount of flavor!

The Jerk lover will not be disappointed. For me TOP.

lovely, tasty and soft!

The taste isn't bad, but I guess I don't like the consistency of the dried meat. It's very hard to eat, it's quite "chewy" - chewy and I probably don't need it again. But I admit - it has enough protein and as a quick snack it's fine, but I'd rather reach for something else.

A lot of music for little money, a total blast !