119 Ratings

Gentle and pleasant

Chocolate smells like bounty to me, I LOVE it! And I highly recommend almond for rashes, like after shaving.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the butter - I am thrilled! One of the best I've ever tried.

I love how the butter melts immediately when it warms up in your hand and absorbs into your skin so easily. Plus, the smell is so authentic, it makes you want to lick your fingers. Or your elbow.

It smells exactly like chocolate🤩 Does it taste like chocolate too? Let's not try that. Super body butter that leaves your skin soft

Top fragrance and absorption, hydration...

An incredibly fragrant thing that I would love to eat. Wonderful consistency and more than good price!

really smells like hot chocolate

The consistency and smell is unreal - I am obsessed. The handy little tiny packaging is a big plus - I always have it in my bag.

I've never had a better body butter. And the smell! Božiii👌🏼😊