17 Ratings

The smell is amazing, just like chocolates, but harder to absorb into the skin

It smells amazing, the texture is nice, but it absorbs more slowly into the skin. :)

Consistency super thick, very pleasant smell. I'll be happy to try other scents if they are.

It smells incredibly and beautifully of chocolate. It's quite a thick butter, but I have to say that it doesn't leave a greasy film, which I don't like. It's also quite thick though, so perfect for winter. I'll definitely get a bigger pack next time, although I think this one will last quite a bit too.

It spreads easily, it melts directly. It smells wonderfully chocolatey, no artificial substitute, really like smelling chocolate. The hydration is excellent.

Wife satisfied :-)

Super,skin amazingly supple and chocolatey 😀

Wow! This?! Smells like Vilgain's chocolates. I've never had a body butter that smells so good, so natural. And not only does it smell great, but it nourishes your skin! The small package fits in my purse for traveling. Large for at home.

Nothing much I expected more