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Once you pick up this spoon, you won't want another. It's so comfortable to hold. The bowl is absolutely the perfect size for all sorts of porridge and things like that. <3

there is beauty in simplicity... a beautiful set that not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but the size of the bowl and spoon suits me very well... my household members also like to 'steal' it, so I'll probably order one for everyone :D

Elegant minimalism. That's how I would describe the new bowl and spoon by Vilgain. The bowl is the perfect size for my breakfast. I like its simple look, which is accentuated by the small Vilgain logo on the bottom of the bowl and spoon.

It made her kase herself !💪🏿😇🥜

Awesome bowl for my favourite porridge and yoghurt. Perfect size, neither big nor small, the same spoon to go with it, quality super. I enjoy it like a little kid :)

In simplicity there is beauty in the handy bowl with Vilgain description on the bottom and a spoon just right for both hand and mouth with Vilgain printed on the back. I am satisfied

Beautiful bowl and spoon, from now on it is my daily partner for porridge and yogurt bowls

But little things like a bowl and a spoon can make the morning better. The bowl is exactly the size I need so that nothing falls out or spills when I stir. The spoon, in turn, is appreciated by my partner because it's bigger and he doesn't have to dredge for so long afterwards. Beautiful simple design and quality workmanship.

It looks great! Perfect for a proper breakfast

Absolutely perfect set for morning porridge. The bowl is big enough for the bulkier porridge and the spoon is sized exactly between a soup and dessert spoon- perfect :-).