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For me, a total blast! I take only one tablet before training, because I have lower pressure and I have energy to spare!🫶🏼

I had a problem with the fact that I didn't have enough energy to continue working out, but at the same time I knew that my body could handle more and the time spent working out wasn't enough for me, so I ordered this on recommendation and great!! about a quarter of an hour before the start I took one tablet and almost immediately I felt the effect. 🫶

For me, great, I'm definitely not ordering for the last time.

Super supplement when I don't have enough energy for a workout, I take two pills 30 minutes before a workout and the energy goes up! 🙏🏼

I used to use it mainly before running, in exam time it was a lifesaver when studying all day :D

Caffeine in a pill. There's something wrong with that on the Czech market too, but here it was done without it. Handy dosage, works normally

In terms of price/quality ratio, it is clearly the most effective caffeine. Finding out on Leg-day that I didn't bring it with me, I may as well turn around on the spot and go home :))

Caffeine is essential if you're primarily talking about kicking back. We have a huge article full of science about it, so check it out: https://fitclan.sk/strava/vieme-ze-kofein-je-nas-kamarat-ale-ako-je-na-tom-s-ovplyvnovanim-vykonu-pozri-sa-na-nadielku-faktov-zaujimavosti-prekvapivych-zaverov-nas-test/

This is a lifesaver - As a barista, I ordered the tablets with a fair amount of skepticism, given that I've built up quite a resistance to caffeine at work over the past few years. 😅 But this one is a real blast! On days when I don't feel like working out at all, feel tired or just have no energy I'll have two 30 minute pre-workouts and it's awesome. It can really kick you into a workout. Definitely another plus is that when the pills stop working you don't suddenly feel like you're completely exhausted and out of sorts just like the product description says. I will definitely be ordering the pack as well to stock up and can highly recommend it!