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Super, satisfaction

Caffeine super, the course works, slow onset and withdrawal, which is fine. But after taking the capsule I used to have problems with bloating, which in a quiet study room is quite unpleasant. I'll try another

Just caffeine :D but it's nice that one capsule has 100 mg instead of 200 mg like a lot of other brands..

I'm satisfied with the product, I use it on more demanding days when I need to concentrate intensively and for a long time, in mem case the onset of energy is slower and longer lasting.

will help :-)

Works great

Great as a kicker, trying to switch from energy drinks - pure caffeine has a much slower energy rush, do recommend ;)

Pleasantly surprised. Kicks in, but not as much as other caffeine pills, BUT the big + is the natural origin, compared to other pills. I recommend

It kicks ass, it works so well for me that I can't sleep at night😁

For me, a total blast! I take only one tablet before training, because I have lower pressure and I have energy to spare!🫶🏼