58 Ratings

Delicate buttery taste! This cashew butter is one of my favorites! The texture of the butter is thicker but really nice and creamy, I would say even whipped. With other cashew butters I had the problem of not tasting much cashew, but with this butter it's just the opposite! Really strong cashew flavor.

What can I say, it tastes just like cashew nuts... otherwise I expected a bit more liquid consistency, but still okay :D

Creamy, sweet, pure composition, simply delicious

Very good, I recommend it 100%

Unfortunately I was not impressed ☹️ very stiff and taste mic too much

Ketchus are my favorite nuts and this is unbelievably delicious! Amazing, clean taste...<3

100% recommended! Great cashew nut taste and super consistency, the butter is not stiff, does not lump, nor is it runny, just the way it should be 👌🏼

Very good cashew butter!

I don't really like peanut butters, but this one is unbelievably good - I fell in love with it after the first spoonful <3

Great butter. 😌❤️ - I love cashews and this was one of the best cashew butters . You definitely won't go wrong! 🤤❤️