Cashews caramelized

27 Ratings

It's unbelievable how good they taste! They are pleasantly sweet and crunchy, but you can taste the nuts. Seriously, be warned, they will disappear very quickly 😆

I order again, very good, my boyfriend and I could get enough of them!!

Yummy :) the nuts are not particularly over-sweetened :)

PA-NE-BO-ŽE! I've never eaten such perfect nuts! Heaven in my mouth!

Výborné. 😍

Probably the best flavored cashews I've ever had !!! Definitely worth trying

Total dependence! Beautifully crunchy, not too sweet - just because of the honey and the subtle saltiness of the sea salt. Hard not to eat at a sitting, a really great snack ;)

Once you open them, you never close them again :D

the best!

Absolute delicacy😍 beautifully soft and crispy at the same time.