Vilgain Cashews Dry Roasted

85 Ratings

Absolutely gorgeous, I thought they would last until Christmas but they disappeared in a few days :D

Yummy, delicious

Great:) not over salted, just right:)

Absolutely perfect, yummy!

I love the rosemary flavour, I just wish there wouldn't be any sugar since sometimes you just want a savoury snack. You cannot feel the sweetness much but I think could be without ;)

even though I normally don't like bbq flavor, here it's great and complemented by the slight spiciness of the chili. I could handle more spicy, this is kind of light, but otherwise great

Oh, my God! you'll want to eat them "in a sitting" :))

Absolutely great alternative to chips..with a movie, a night out, a plate, simply to taste. It would just need a bigger package..:)

Perfectly seasoned!!!

Yummy yummy yummy!🥰