Chocolate chunks

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I also buy Shards, which are chocolate chips, and that's somewhere completely different in taste, so I'll stick with those. But the white version is nice and, thanks to the absence of sugar, quite a nice diversification of sweet dishes.

I don't know if I'm just a little picky, given some of the reviews, but in my opinion they met expectations :)

Delicious chocolate chunks with minimal carbohydrates, drives away cravings

Delicate, the cocoa is not too pronounced. I am not enthusiastic, but fine for baking and cooking.

Super produkt!

Great for porridge, baking.

Excellent taste, in bite size pieces, excellent solubility in porridge 🤤😋😋

Chocolate sticks terribly to the palate. It is not suitable for porridge because it is not flavourful.

Great idea, but some may be bothered by the chicory as a sweetener. It doesn't taste artificial, but because of the large amount of fibre, it changes the consistency of the chocolate quite a bit - it's not as smooth.

Not much taste, I would have appreciated more bitterness, it reminds me more of a sweet milk cocoa