Chocolate drops no added sugar

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Fantastické ☘️👌

Compared to white chocolate from the store there is not much difference in taste, the cookies melt faster on the tongue and are softer. For limiting your sugar intake if you still want to watch your calories for me very good :)

Luzus čoko pecky

Excellent matter

White chops?!!! OMG, finally! They're sweetened with xylitol, so a big +! And the bitter ones are great too, I use them often in porridge or baking. They're just harder to resist :D

I put them in cakes, they're fine. :-)

Great ... for baking, in the oven ... or just for munching 😀😀😀

I don't know why I thought they would be so tiny, but otherwise they are great!

These bitches are the real deal! Whether you throw them into a recipe, melt them on hot oatmeal, or melt them for a topping~they always taste great! Plus, they are sugar free and you won't even notice the taste!

-hard and unpleasant taste of sweetener (xylitol) as if artificial