Coconut chips BIO

353 Ratings

Epes rádes, výbornej cháles. Doporučuji!

I don't need coconut, so this is a luxury😇

The chips are great, at first I was horrified at how small the packet was, but I didn't notice that I was ordering 40g. 😄 The taste is very good, I don't recommend them in porridge as you can't taste the flavour. They are best on their own.

I have to say I don't like coconut at all, I use it minimally. But I ordered the gingerbread and maple syrup flavor and it was a surprise! Definitely not for the last time. 😳🤪 For garnishing porridge, in yogurt or just for fun 😻

Incredibly good as a substitute instead of potato chips for TV 😁 otherwise in combination with porridge excellent breakfast✌🏼

Delicious, yummy!

Very good, lovely smell and crunch ☺

So this is another hit,too bad there is not at least 100g pack

These coconut chips are very nice. For example, as a quick sweet help when I'm just somewhere out of the house. They are drier in places, but still a great on-the-go helper. ❤️

I recommend it for all coconut lovers!😍 It reminds me of raffaelo and coconuts at the same time. They are delicious on their own and in porridge or yoghurt🙏🏼