Coconut chips BIO

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It was too salty for me

beyond expectations

my first coconut chips and for me super☺️

The perfect, healthier snack. In porridge, in yoghurt, for baking or just like that.

Coconut chips are love🥰! Gingerbread probably leads by a little, but you can't go wrong with any flavor.

Best in porridge or just for munching:)

It's small, crunchy, coconutty with a hint of gingerbread! Sprinkle it on everything! In porridge, yoghurt, on a bun, or straight into your mouth (hihi, no problem!)

The taste is luxurious.

In a word, ME! Great for sprinkling on porridge 😊

Coconut chips are love :D. With maple syrup I have them mainly for my sister who loves them and with salt I can have them again, mostly for some kind of creamy soup or porridge.