Coconut Oil Cooking Spray

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Too much spray for my taste, not a very good atomizer, otherwise the taste is great.

Hi Jitka, a little advice with the syringe: If you hold it perpendicular and push it, it really does spray a lot of oil in both directions. If you want the oil to dispense drop by drop, try tilting and pressing more gently almost to the tip of the dispenser. Have a nice day :).

Excellent matter

All my life I've been worrying about how to get the pan going properly, for example for pancakes. This coconut spray is just the perfect solution. You don't have to open anything, you just take it, spray it on and you're done!

Great, I'm very cool.

Excellent spray. I buy repeatedly, different types

Top oil, ideal if you want to setrit calories and not pour unnecessarily too much into the pan 😊

Great product

I personally use only this oil for frying

Very nice dosage, perfect for Sunday French toast, pancakes and the like :)

I loved it so much, I'll definitely buy it again