Coconut Oil Cooking Spray

359 Ratings

It tastes best on sweet recipes, for roasting/roasting/baking :) super gadget if you don't have a non-stick pan

really practical, handy to have in the kitchen

Super use just a little bit on the pan or in the baking tray

I use often, very practical, good to dose.

Super helper in the kitchen. I don't even use conventional oil in the pan or in salads anymore. As long as you don't put too much and it doesn't affect the taste of the food :)

The coconut oil cooking spray it is a super helper especially in the preparation of cakes for oiling the baking tray and greasing casserole dishes.

Spray oils are the best! Ideal dosage and even better for "wiping" baking trays. I can't get enough of them and buy them over and over again.

Super helper especially when making pancakes, crepes and sweet treats. The stamina is great, the taste is good..I will definitely buy again

For me, spray oils are great because you don't put too much oil on the pan, but just enough. Simple and very practical to use.

Great spreader, I will definitely order again