Coconut Oil Cooking Spray

197 Ratings

A very practical and useful thing if you don't want a pan full of unnecessary oil. Especially a great help when making pancakes for example!

very practical, thanks to the spray dosing it is economical - and what is important - also very tasty :)

I like to use spray oil, it makes me use much less

great thing, you don't spend much

Super works as it should

I am ordering for the second time. Pancakes fried in this coconut oil are a class apart! :-)

I use it mainly for frying pancakes, livanců. Oil is really little enough, it is good to fry on it.

Perfection, where this has been my whole life. It's great for controlling the amount of oil you use, and you can use it on salty things too (the coconut taste isn't overpowering)

Super, perfect dosage for the pan when I bake pancakes or crepes

I'm not buying any more