Cotton Bralette

92 Ratings

very pleasant material

It's awesome. It doesn't cut, it doesn't pinch and it's really comfortable. :)

I love them! I have all the colors and I wear them all the time! God thing!

Great bra 👌 The material, the way it's sewn and how it looks on the figure (that you're working on 😁) Beauty

Very pleasant material! bra holds no need to adjust even during sports... does not pinch, does not scratch

I love it! The shape, the material, the versatility.

My favourite sports bras! I have them in almost every colour :D

Very comfortable and beautiful ballerina. Suitable for exercise and normal wear. It has a lot of uses and I wear it quite often

very pleasant

Absolutely great bralette! I have two at home already. I wear them to the gym and everyday. Nice material, holds beautifully.